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Leland Maschmeyer is the Chief Creative Officer of Chobani, which Fast Company ranked as the nineth most innovative company in the world.

Previously, he co-founded and led Collins — a design firm Forbes praised as defining the future of brand building. Adweek recognized Leland as a ‘Young Influential’, Campaign honored him as a ‘Global 30 Under 30,’ and Graphic Design USA selected him as a ‘Designer to Watch.’ He has also served on the AIGA/NY Board of Directors and taught in The School of Visual Arts MFA Program since 2009.


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Upcoming Keynotes

New York, New York
March 2, 2017

CEO Summit
'Culture by Design'
Auckland, New Zealand
March 14-15, 2017

LA, California
April 2, 2017

Past Keynotes

New York, City, New York
November 1, 2016

RGD Design Thinkers Conference
Toronto, Ontario
November 3-4, 2016

4As CreateTech Conference
New York, New York
November 9-10, 2016

Yale School of Architecture
New Haven, Connecticut
Topic: Changing economics is changing design

Empack Conference
Stockholm, Sweden
Topic: My history in design

Variety Entertainment & Technology Summmit
Beverly Hills, California
Topic: Creating breakthrough content for brands

New York, New York
Topic: How to deliver incredible craft at incredible scale

HOW Design Live Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
Topic: Using Star Wars to understand the crisis in and future of design

GEL Conference
New York, New York
Topic: Designing for mass collaboration

Type Directors Club
New York, New York
Topic: My work in generative art and typography

Houston Design Week
Houston, Texas
Topic: Designer as dragon slayer

Digital Business Forum
New York, New York
Topic: Winning with digital

Dieline Innovation
Paris, France
Topic: Designer as dragon slayer

Open Source Fashion
New York, New York
Topic: Open Innovation

Vor at Ministry of Economics
Mexico City, Mexico
Topic: Community computation: Technology for conquering complexity

Open Source Fashion
New York, New York
Topic: The massively collaborative future of fashion

Memorial Sloan-Kettering's Zuckerman Research Center
New York, New York
Topic: Community-based algorithms

Los Angelas, California
Topic: Designing the new economy

How Design Conference
Boston, Massachusetts
Topic: Overcoming the unity of fear with the unity of fascination

AIGA + Museum of Art & Design
New York, New York
Topic: S.O.P.A. v. Surrealism

RGD Design Thinkers
Toronto, Ontario
Topic: Designing a peer–to–peer, open production economy

Portland, Oregon
Topic: Designing for participation

Creative Week
New York, New York
Topic: The rise of human-based evolutionary algorithms

New York, New York
Topic: The sharing frontier

New York, New York
Topic: Brand strategy

Creative Inc. @ Disney
Orlando, Florida
Topic: History of Collins’ work

Cosmos Club’s Superior Business Firm Roundtable
Washington, D.C.
Topic: The peer-to–peer production revolution and P2P design

AIGA Kansas City
Kansas City, Kansas
Topic: Designing for mass collaboration

Massachusetts College of Art Visiting Lecture
Boston, Massachusetts
Topic: Brand as platform

School of Visual Arts
New York, New York
Topic: Building brands at scale

ICOGRADA Design Currency
Vancouver, British Columbia
Topic: Mythology as a tool for innovation

Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey
Topic: Art as the antidote for “empathy deficit disorder”